See the Future 

   …a paradigm shift in the aviation and trans-oceanic freight industry


SkyFreighter has the ability to transport most any product almost anywhere on the planet safely and quickly and most importantly, at very low cost.

This will eliminate the need for manufacturers to design and build large industrial equipment in pieces small enough to be transported over roads, etc., thus further reducing costs to the equipment manufacturer and ultimately their customers.



Safety, cost reduction


Environmentally responsible

Let us do the heavy lifting

Millennium AirShip (MAS) recognizes that the world requires a revolutionary hybrid heavy lift airship to fulfill varied 21st Century mission requirements. These requirements result in the need for an air vehicle that can provide heavy lift global reach transport of varying weights, sizes and volume.

20 ton - or - 500 ton

MAS will start with a 20 ton lift vehicle and will base the production of larger air vehicles on future demands; however we have already been queried on a 500 ton lift vehicle. Once the 20 ton vehicle is designed and in initial testing a decision will be made on when to build the larger sizes, based on customer demand.

Meeting demands

The heavy lift SkyFreighter will be available in (3) three payload sizes to fit various mission profiles, from smaller carriers to get to tight locations, to larger aircraft designed for long distance cargo carrying. The main advantages are the ability to land on any terrain, including water, where conventional aircraft cannot go, or even conventional land vehicles.


  • Global access point-to-point on land or water
  • Requires little to no infrastructure at reception
  • Minimizes intermodal cargo transfers
  • Eliminates overstock or backorders in supply chain
  • Creates closed loop information flow
  • Improves security start to finish
  • Reduces delivery costs and time required
  • Increases profit margins



Current Industry Problems:

  • Underdeveloped areas not accessible
  • Existing traffic systems overburdened
  • Supply chain requires multiple transfers
  • Intermediaries overstock in supply chain
  • Unsatisfactory information flow
  • Inadequate security at transfer points
  • Expensive and untimely delivery of goods
  • High cost of conducting business




Millennium Airship Skyfreighter


Skyfreighter Canada

Unique Investment Opportunity

Millennium Airship Inc. has been quietly, but diligently, working on the development of its Heavy-Lift Hybrid Airship for several years.

As result, we have established a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals that comprise the foundation of this company.

This includes experts in Heavy-lift lighter than air technology, expert government and civilian vendor contract administrators and facilitators, and successful high level business leaders and organizations within the global freight logistics industry.

Millennium Airship Inc. offers an outstanding ROI opportunity to qualified investors with the drive and vision to “See The Future”, and is prepared to provide a perfect return and exit strategy for those select individuals.

Now is the time to consider acquiring “first mover advantage” in what is now being called “the best investment opportunity since Amazon™.



Humanitarian Aid


Reduced carbon footprint

Millennium Airship, Inc.

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