Native Merchant Processing

Traditional business

Low/Medium Risk

You don’t have to be Native to ca$h in on our benefits

Tribal businesses enjoy tax and other benefits. This reduction in operating costs allows them to extend these savings to merchants.

We have the lowest rates in the industry so we pass them on to you

Tribal savings $$

One of the most basic operating costs for businesses is merchant card processing of credit and debit cards. Hundreds of companies offer competitive rates. Still, unsuspecting merchants can end up paying higher rates with terms they did not know they could negotiate.

Lowest Rate guarantee


We are so certain that you’ll get the lowest credit card processing rates by partnering with us that we offer a $500 guarantee. Find a better rate, and we’ll send you $500. It’s just that simple.


Our approach


Our approach is simple. Underwriting does an analysis of your current processing statements and quotes a lower rate with simpler terms.


Free Terminal

NFC, EMV and PCI Credit Card Terminal


Receive a free credit card terminal with a minimum of $10,000 a month in credit card volume.